Bingo Bolger-Baggins, Esqre (bbolger_baggins) wrote,
Bingo Bolger-Baggins, Esqre


A lovely day for a picnic turned out to be not so lovely. While we were having a delightful time down by the Brandywine, it seems, Merry Gamgee lay on his deathbed in Gamgee Hall. As luck would have it, Mandos's dark halls did not hold him for long and he came back to us, but not before my brother could enact the indescretion of a celebratory wake and Lord Manwe Himself came down to fetch Frodo and enact punishment. We're still worriedly awaiting his return, at least I am. And hopefully we'll see Froey and Sammy again soon too. Luckily Samwise is out of town, and doesn't know a thing about it. Though I do miss Sam too.

No sooner did things calm down than Erchi set fire to Bag End in revenge for Frodo's indescretion. So we spent yesterday evening putting it out, though not before losing Uncle Bilbo again, but he seems happier in the noncorporeal mode so no need for tears. And today Grandmum organized the restoration of Bag-End. And by tomorrow it should be better than new---with a new paint job and furniture, mostly supplied by Merry Gamgee, and Grandmum's even installing that arboreatum she promised Sam.

On the personal side, I had a lovely chat today with Elanor's grandmother, Ms. Cotton. But I had a less than lovely chat with Pippin and Merry Brandybuck. You know, Merry and I went for a rather nice walk yesterday, and even at the picnic, I got the distinct impression he was interested in more than friendship, and I admit the flirtation was pleasant enough. But then I walked in on him and Pippin bragging about beating Erchi for his indescretion, together with a mention of me in less than favorable terms and I have to say I got a bit angry. And I'm not ashamed I did, but it's left me feeling a bit anti-social. So I think I'll just stay in the shed today. And try not to look at this little flower pressed in my journal here . . . that Ham gave me when he left. Or how I miss Trotter, and mum. I hope Frodo's back soon.

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