June 22nd, 2002

do I know you?, skeptical/wry, wry, um


It's funny how what you feel can change in an instant, isn't it? This moring I woke up miserable with an awful head-ache after indulging a little too freely at a lovely solstice dinner the night before with Ham. My head-ache was then immediately chased away by the news that my Mother finally loves me, or at least is acknowledging me now--same thing, really. With a joyful heart I went to see her, and then I learned the news about Sam. Now I can't feel anything at all. Not even my ankle pains me.

So I've just come back to Bag-End to get my sword, and to take a moment to be in Sam's favorite part of the garden. You know, Buddhism has been a great solace to me, but I know for Samwise the Valar were especially important, so I feel moved to offer this oath and prayer in his favorite place:

Oh Iluvatar, Father of All, Maker of All Music, do hear me! Yavanna, Sweet Mother of All Things That Grow, hear me! And Gentle, Loving Varda, to whom the Baggins first make our prayers be known, hear me! Samwise Gamgee was not born to be eaten! He was meant to nurture the growing things of the field and to fertilize the garden, not be the fertilizer himself.

I offer whatever you require of me for Samwise to be restored to his rightful living, breathing occupation. Please hear my prayer.

And I make this oath: I will do all in my power to prevent Bilbo Baggins from taking the blood of any other hobbit, though he couldn't find a better meal anywhere than the one he just enjoyed, and I offer his blood, or mine own in his stead, if it can lead to the restoring of Samwise to his beautiful, breathing form.

I know, you're busy, so thank you for listening. Have a nice day.

All I see is red. I'm off to see Uncle Bilbo off then.