June 26th, 2002

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Holding down the fort at Bag-End: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

I joined Elanorelle and some others for a Concerned Citizens of the Shire meeting last evening. She seemed crestfallen that we didn't come to a consensus, but such is the process of meetings--I've certainly had my share of them. I have a mind, though, to write an article for Sockpuppets that might further our cause, seeing the caliber of the journal's readership.

Yesterday Frodo and Samwise broad casted their rather nice ceremony. And I took the Mordor Express and got one of my new glossies autographed--that was fun. I took an express bus down to the sea today, but didn't see any ships coming back from the Blessed Realms yet. It was good to catch the fresh sea breeze though--did much for my spirits.

I also put up the new crystal chandelier in Bag-End today--it looks quite spectacular. Oh, and I got us a new fridge with a decent ice-maker. That should please everyone. How I miss Samwise though!

Today would be a nice day to go down by the Bywater and sunbathe a bit with a good book and a picnic basket--I'll do that before the sun goes down. Perhaps Ham will want to go star-gazing soon. That might be nice.