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The Bastard of Bagshot Row
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Tuesday, July 9th, 2002

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HOME AT LAST: Bingo Bolger-Baggins
I've only been gone a week, but it feels like so much longer. So much has happened to me and so much has changed, really. I went down to Nobottle this morning to pay my final respects to the Lady Anaire. Thus our paths have twined for the last time. Oh, we had our differences, but I will miss her deeply. Deeply.

I went by Sancho's to see little Bingo then and sit with him a while. Oh and speak about changes . . .no, I won't.

And then there's poor Merry and what Smaug did to him. Grandmum said there is something that can be done. A kind of belt she said, the wearing of which would subdue the wolfishness. She said it would take some time to get together the materials she'd need to invite the "spirit world," (or so she called it) to partake of it. I love Grandmum dearly, but she can be awfully scary sometimes.

She says the work on her Geodesic Smial is almost complete, and then she'll be a short walk from here, which will be just grand. And she said I could throw parties there anytime I'd like, which would be lovely--and even move in if I wanted. Well, Grandmum should be visiting any time now. I need to tell her about what Samwise and Frodo have done with the children. It's so upsetting to me, but I thought she should hear from family rather than overhear it in gossip in Hobbiton Town Square.

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