July 18th, 2002

do I know you?, skeptical/wry, wry, um

After Dinner at Gamgee Hall: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Well, we've finished dinner, washed the dishes, got Bilbo, Lily and Merin all washed up--I think Merry and Erchi are getting them tucked in right now. ::yawn:: I have enjoyed the little ones, especially Bilbo--I hadn't gotten a chance to spend time with the lad before and he can be quite the sweetie. But why do things so small have such mega-amounts of energy? It just doesn't seem right! Where does it all come from? Surely I didn't have that amount of energy when I was that size? They must be putting vitamins in the water or something, I suppose.

Elanor and Gil-galad set off for . . . their home today. Merry and Erchi seem well on their way to recovery. I keep thinking about Ham today . . . but not with that worried feeling . . . like a feeling that he's going to be alright. Hmm.

I may take Samwise up on that invitation to join them and take that trip to Rivendell tomorrow--being beset by brigands in the Old Forest would probably be more restful than keeping up with this pack of little sweethearts, anyway. As delightful as they are . . . ::yawn:: I could just put my head down on this dinner table . . . and . . . just . . . . . . sleeep . . . . . .
do I know you?, skeptical/wry, wry, um

Missing Hobbits Report: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

It was a pleasant enough day yesterday playing with the hobbitlings at Gamgee Hall, but an odd night. No sooner had I settled into the nice bed Merry prepared for me, than Frodo comes out of nowhere shouting the oddest things about my Grandmum's cat. Then I saw Samwise approach outside my window and Frodo wandered off, and now I find, hasn't been seen since.

Then, who should next show up outside my window, of all people, but my dear Ham. He seemed troubled and exhausted so we found him a bed and resolved to talk in the morning. Only when morning came, he was gone. I spent some time by myself just thinking this morning, then bid Merry adieu, and went down to the new MEPD to file a Missing Hobbit report about Ham. Then I went by Bag-End and learned that Frodo was still missing, and Sam looking so bereft. So I went back down to the MEPD and filed another Missing Hobbit report for Frodo.

And now I just feel like weeping. Does it ever end?