July 19th, 2002

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Of Hobbit Rangers and Lost Loves: Bingo-Bolger Baggins

No sooner did I get a chance to rejoice at my brother Frodo's return than I received a visit from a beautiful and mysterious stranger. She claims to be a hobbit ranger, like Trotter, and she says that, due to some dimensional and magical means I do not understand, Trotter's party may be lost for good, dead or alive. I may never see Hamilcar again. This saddens me beyond measure.

I wish . . . I wish now I had never come back to the Shire. The fact that I agreed to be Erchi's ring bearer Sunday and to take care of little Bilbo next week are the only things that are keeping me going . . . else I'd just wander off somewhere . . . preferably with a cliff at the end of it, I suppose. I'm not even getting any work or correspondence of any kind from DOMEACE lately to call my time useful. My heart is so heavy with dread and despair.