July 24th, 2002

do I know you?, skeptical/wry, wry, um


Let me check: I've got got my purse, my cloak, lantern and extra tallow . . . ah, perhaps some extra blankets for the hobbitlings for the ride back, my sword, of course, this time.

"Grandmum, thank you again for watching Lil B and Chomsky for me, truly. If all goes well, we'll be back mid-morning at latest. Yes? I will. Love you. Bubye!"

Now it's off to the Green Dragon to hire up a horse and cart and then off to the Havens to fetch Elanor. I've got to stop trembling--she's in no more danger right now than she was before you had the conversation, that is to say, she's been in danger all along, so why get all jittery now?

Mustn't think about what happened to Farry in such a short while after I spoke to him. Mustn't think about Trotter, Mum, or Ham. Mustn't think about Elves. Mustn't. I WILL get there in time. It's an easy road; the dark shouldn't be a problem at all.