August 8th, 2002

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The Joys of Elvish: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

I went down to the Beorn's & Noldor's in Frogmorton this morning, my interest in brushing up on my Quenyan and Sindarin being renewed of late. So I was thumbing through that popular little red guide to the languages of Arda, and though its main focus is on the Elvish languages, I'd have to say it lacks some. Perhaps even blows chunks. I mean really, you couldn't pick up a cave-troll with the meager assortment of vocabulary they provide! They don't even tell you how to tell someone you want them--merna--or call them your beloved--a'maelamin. Luckily my memory holds and I still have some of the grammar books Uncle Bilbo gave me of old.

And now I remember why I was so drawn to learning Elvish when I was younger--its sheer beauty. But how I'd just swell with pride when some elf would call me "Elf-friend" or tell me what "a jewel among hobbits" I was--condescending bastards! I was such a good little token hobbit! I had no idea how unearned Elvish arrogance was at the time--but long years of lobbying in Gondor have taught me otherwise. "Oh, why listen to the ramblings of a creature of an hour?" they'd say after one of my most skillfully prepared speeches. Damn them!

Oh, well, I have to remember that not all Elves are like that. And still, all that aside, it's true what the Eldar Appreciation Society says: Elvish is for Lovers.

Well, I must be about making dinner. Erchi and Merry are out back in the new gazebo Erchi bought for Grandmum, and I bet they're getting hungry. I hope Elanorelle and Gil-galad will be able to join us, and that Samwise and Frodo will put their latest spat aside and come too. Would that a'maelamin were home soon.