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The Bastard of Bagshot Row
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Tuesday, August 20th, 2002

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Pilgrimage to The Very Secret Diaries of the Fellowship: Bingo Bolger-Baggins
I've just gotten the Pantry Smial all fixed up and Elanor should be here soon I suppose. Erchi and Merry may or may not join us, and Iorhael is wandering abroad at the moment. But Elanorelle and I have been wanting to do this pilgrimage for a while now. We plan to visit tonight the shrine of The Very Secret Diaries of the Fellowship, a tribute of sorts to the Nine who quested and others who were there.

Goodness, I've been lazy lately! My beloved and I got up for quite a late luncheon and had a fine chat, and of course one thing lead to another, so I've just managed to get all in order now. Well, it shouldn't be long now and I expect Elanor will be here soon.

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