August 21st, 2002

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Returned from the Pilgrimage: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Yesterday's pilgrimage to The Shrine of The Very Secret Diaries was quite an enjoyable experience for all of us who attended. Elanorelle, Iorhael, Erchi, Merry and I ventured there together, and while we were waiting on line at the gate, we met up with Bell Goodchild with Robin Gamgee. The grounds are vast, so we just managed to wander about the shrines of Aragorn and Legolas before we retired for the evening. Oh, and before our journey, the guardian spirit for my smial finally manifested, which was a somewhat interesting experience.

Upon arriving back at the Pantry Smial, after our guests had departed for the night, Iorhael handed me a letter . . . from him . . . for me. In light of my past experiences with letters from former lovers I was quite nervous to even read it. My hands are still shaking now even thinking about it for the fear I felt then, and the overwhelming joy that followed it. So I shall write no more about it now. Suffice it to say, I am truly, undeservedly blessed.

But I've noticed today that my beloved seems somewhat troubled. And it would little surprise me to find that the ring he insisted on bearing last night for authenticity's sake is behind it. So I intend to catch up on my beloved's journal today and see what I can do to ease his burdened spirits. And I suppose I need to put in an appearance at Bag-end some time or other, being that I live only a few yards away, though it still feels odd to me there.