September 22nd, 2002


LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!!:Bingo Bolger-Baggins

We've been setting up the Party Field all day, and now all is ready! Some hobbits have started partying already, I see. And Uncle Bilbo's already gotten the party going with his fine gifts. Food and drink is in the tent over there. We've got Shire's Best Ale, mushroom pies, chicken and cheese casseroles, squash and potatoes, bread, raspberry crisps, and all the birthday cake you can manage! And there are gifts for everyone over here, so be sure to take one. Dancing is over on this end; and look, there's Gandalf doing his John Travolta imitation! So please come on in!


SO EAT, DRINK, DANCE, AND BE MERRY (or Pippin as the case may be)!!!!! DO JOIN US!!!!

A'maelamin, will you dance with me?
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TO THOSE CLOSEST TO ME: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Since it's my birthday, I've got some presents for my loved ones:

For dearest Elanor so you never forget how beautiful you are.

For Erchi and Merry Gamgee to grace your wall so you don't feel alone.

For Lil B to give Gorbadoc a rest.

For Merin so he doesn't forget his roots.

For Froey and Sammy, and whichever Frodo and Samwise are in Bag-end at the time, to keep you from torturing each other. {}(link won't go through from LJ)

For Uncle Bilbo to get you through the winter.

For Grandmum Mirabella because you follow the ways of the earth.

For my Mum Primula because she is a kickass mother, if I might say that.

For Cousin Estella who I miss.

For Fatty because if your mun can have a stand-up Frodo in her room, you can have these in yours.

For Arathorn and Tobey for your romantic dinners together.

And for my beloved Iorhael, who already gave out his wonderful gifts this morning, this ancient gift I got in an antiquarian shop and all of my love.

And of course there are gifts for all who attend the party.

I hope you enjoy this day, my friends and family.
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