November 14th, 2002

alert, sweet

My Place Is Of the Sun: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

There's something very satisfying about sitting on a balcony overlooking the sea and letting your footfur bleach naturally in the sun.

I'm glad I chose to come with Elanor to Lindon and to become reacquainted with the seas soothing presence. The mountain-top smial was a good place to heal, while this ocean stronghold is a good place to renew the spirit. I'm sure it's having the same effect on Merry as well. I've had time to find solitude by the seaside and write letters to Iorhael, as well as visit with friends.

Being here has given me the opportunity to attend Elanor's 8 month anniversary, and even piss off see Samwise and my brother. I was surprised to find my friends Folco and Glorfie here, and to find what a little taste of the Brandywine could do to my once-little friend Merin. Just spending time blowing bubbles or having dinner with our little Hobbiton Collective, consisting of Merin, Lily, Elanor and I has been a delight. I've had the pleasure of meeting the Lady Uruviel, my mun's friend Ms. Abandonada and even got an all too brief glimpse of my Iorhael for a surprise treat. I haven't even gotten a chance to talk with Erry, G-g, or meet Elanor's new friend Glorfindel. It goes without saying that Elanorelle has been the finest of hosts and I would be lost without her.

And it's only a little over a week before my beloved returns to me. Life is beginning to look brighter indeed.
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