November 28th, 2002


Riding to Undertowers: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

I think I am in the West March now, so it won't be long until I arrive at Undertowers. It really isn't terribly long of a ride from Hobbiton along the East-West Road. I do hope Elanorelle is holding up alright. How her heart must hurt to have finally made this move away from the elf she dearly loves!

But my beloved is parted from me once again so soon after returning, and I cannot help but fear what this might mean. Since we first set out on the quest, there has been so much confusion. I do not understand all the changes in plans my Iorhael makes, and I wonder if he has changed his mind about coming to stay with me. I . . . fear. But he said he would return soon . . . may it be today. I do not want to sleep another night without him beside me.

Ah, there's the Undertowers. I'll just dismount--here we go. And I suppose I should knock. I hope she's alright.

Elanorelle? It's Bingo.
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