November 30th, 2002

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When Bound By More Than Love - The Sorting: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

We are spending the night in Undertowers and Elanorelle has prepared us a room that leaves nothing for want. With all she is bearing, she forgets nothing for her guests' comfort. I only hope we can bring her some small bit of it herself. May she sleep soundly and peacefully.

I have my beloved back with me--in one piece, I am most relieved to say. Most relieved. But there is more, more for us to sort out. His responsibilities to his realm. And . . . and more in me to sort out, I am afraid. I am afraid. But we will talk. And that is what we do best . . . well, one of what we do best anyway . . . What was I saying? Oh yes . . . Talking, and in sympathy, is what we both do best, from the day we first met . . . and then when I first visited him, which won't come as a surprise to any one, I'm sure. So if we can't find our way through this maze, I suppose no one can. For no one can love more than we do. No one.

A'maelamin? The fire has taken nicely now. Shall we sit by the fireplace awhile?
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