March 31st, 2003

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Culinary Guide to Hobbit Living: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

So we have a whole tribe of hobbits, I suppose, to feed now at Undertowers. With the help of my wonderful young assistants Merin and Lily, I am preparing five mushroom pies, two roasted ducks in a wine sauce, a chicken casserole with rice and broccoli, green beans in a garlic sauce, and apple-cherry cups.

Hmmm, what do elves like? I suppose something light--ahaha . . . ummm--So. Perhaps Aunt Asphodel's salad would suit G-g best. Ah, and Merry needs some raw meat. So we'll cut some lamb into cubes . . . put a little party pick in each, and surround it with parsley . . do you see what I'm doing Merin? . . . like so . . . so that shouldn't be too unseemly. I know Erchi has a sweet tooth so we'll make a chocolate truffle cake as well.

Just in case some of the hobbitlings are finicky we'll put out some simple fare like cheese and this Ithilien soda bread, when it's done baking. Oh, and Elanorelle is so fond of lembas--how about we mix some carrot and squash into it, hmm? Oh, and not to forget a beef pie with mushroom sauce for my beloved.

Is there anything I left out, Merin? What are yours and Lily's favourites anyway? Hmmm, we are leaving a bit of a mess here, aren't we?
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