May 3rd, 2003

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May Musings: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

I suppose I haven't been out and about much the past month. I did get a chance to attend one of Professor T's lectures, have a chat with that odd Frodo fellow, and visit my dear friend Abandonada.

But mainly, I've been staying close to the smial and spending time with my dear friend Elanor, without whom I think I might have gone out of my mind with grief when my beloved left. And then My Grandmum has come to see me reminding me just how rich my life is with family and friends now that I've returned to the Shire despite the loss of those who could no longer stay. She brought her friend Halfast, who I must say does seem to be the sweetest of fellows, though I don't know him all that well yet. How well he's bonded with Elanorelle and Ana, though, speaks well of him, I must say. She and Grandmum seem to get on well too, as I had hoped.

And Merin's such a merry lad to have about--all excited about his new venture into the world. Lily as well, and Ana is such a bubbly little one. Not that a gorgeous May Day hasn't raised all our spirits.

I should go catch the monorail and go see that play the elves are performing. And perhaps I will get out to that party at Great Smials tonight and meet my long, lost, Great Uncle Isengar. But I'm content sitting here in the garden right now. And my sunflower, my Iorhael flower, gets taller day by day. Amazing plants, sunflowers.
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