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The Bastard of Bagshot Row
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Friday, June 6th, 2003

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The Way Back Home: Bingo Bolger-Baggins
Almost a week has passed since we saw Elanorelle, Gil-galad, and Feana off at the Grey Havens. I do miss my friend. I'm glad she seemed to like the mathom I finally got rid of gave her and hope it brings fond memories of home. After they set sail, we headed back to Undertowers, and while Halfast took the Haven's Express H&C back to the stables, I found a little pot and dug up the sunflower plant I raised to take back to Back End and then went to bid my new friend Lai a farewell on his journey. Still sad, we all--Grandmum, Isengar, Tiger, Halfast, and I--silently boarded the Undertowers-Buckland line, but by the time we reached the Hobbiton station, we were all singing ABBA, taking great comfort in each other's company.

When we arrived home, I planted the sunflower before my window in the Pantry Smial. A long sad day it was. And I do miss Elanorelle terribly. But it's hard to stay sad for long with this smial full of good spirits. What with Uncle Sennie's stories of adventure, Tiger's gaming spirit, my little phone friends, Arathorn and Tobey in the flet next door, and with Folly and Melba traveling back and forth to tell us what's cooking at Great Smials, let alone what's cooking here, there's little time to stay down in the dumps, is there?

And even at night, since I've taken to having a cup of tea from the set a'maelamin gave me before I go to bed, there is comfort in dreams . . . so real they seem sometimes, it's as if Iorhael were really here. If only it were so. Ah well. Still, it's good to be home.

*takes out tea service and makes tea*

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