July 21st, 2003

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The High Seas and the Passage of Time: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

This past week, Uncle Sennie got us all fired up for a pirating adventure. And I must say I've never seen Iorhael get so wrapped up in just playing before--it was a delight to see him finally so at ease in this Middle-earth of ours. He and I went shopping, had some fun, and brought back home Bagshot, ostensibly to be our pirate cat, but who is now our first fully fur-covered smial mate. Then Iorhael went back to his Realm and brought us a pirate ship for the weekend venture, as well as Gollum to guard it, to whom I later paid a visit. A'maelamin also had a hard week devising legislation for his Realm and arguing with his colleagues--it wears on him sometimes and that worries me. Finally, we all had our bit of fun on the raging waters of Bywater Pond.

Iorhael and I had a serious talk about the state of our relationship. Today it will have been a year since we first met, which is why I've brought home these and made this. An anniversary of sorts, even though we, with our minds on past sorrows, had no idea at that moment what would pass between us and that our lives had changed in that very instant. I hope a'maelamin likes these.
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