August 8th, 2003

impish, amused

The Doubling of Fortunes: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

After the last time I wrote in this journal, things grew darker, much darker, before there was light. As I was holding my sick a'maelamin, he walked in the door. Confused? So was I, and so very frightened I would make the wrong decision and do him irreparable harm. But we made it through all right. We still haven't gotten a chance to tell our smial mates all about it.

Then, after a bit of rest, a'maelamin, not even fully recovered from his Ring sickness and splitting, whisked me away for an absolutely enchanted evening to celebrate a year passing since we first become lovers. I do not believe there could possibly be a pair more in love than we are. And whatever the future holds, there is nothing I cannot bear as long as my Iorhael is by my side.

We came home to a little bit of a commotion as Uncle Senie's friend, among many he has been making, Primrose, had come down with the vapors--out cold she was, and still hasn't recovered yet. And Iorhael's mother has been up to looking out for all us Back Enders, so I invited her to stay on with us, which she fortunately accepted.

So a'maelamin and I have been taking it easy, I suppose, gathering our strength after all the agonizing, and then after all the celebrating. It all evens out nicely, don't you think?
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