August 17th, 2003

impish, amused

Gathering Moss: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

It was a lovely day for a nice walk, so after Iorhael took care of an errand, he and I rode down to Green Hill Country to take a stroll in the woods. And you know us; we did not go very far before we found a lovely spot by a pond, and well, one thing lead to another, as usual, I suppose. However, at a most inopportune moment, an unexpected guest dropped in. And that's how we met Ivadoc Bracegirdle. Due to the poor lad being sopping wet and without a place to stay the night, we cut our little adventure short and brought him home.

And poor Uncle Senie is continuing to fret over Primrose's rocky prognosis. I do not mean to simply take her for granite, but I've seen this kind of condition before and there's not much anyone can do but roll with it. A good thing Tiger is back though, as I think he is a good distracting calming erotic objectinfluence on Uncle Senie. And I think he is planning to visit with his potential conquest friend Kevin as well. In any event, I think Halfast will be coming by soon to take Primrose back to put her out on the lawn her home.

And now, dear me, my beloved has informed me I am a hostage and may not leave the Pantry Smial. Whatever shall I do, you ask? Well, while he's out there talking with Uncle Senie, I need to decide if the contents of this can I am holding--that we brought home some time ago--is a body lotion or a dessert topping. Body lotion? Dessert topping? I simply cannot decide. I'll just try it on, all over, and see what a'maelamin thinks.
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