August 22nd, 2003

offended, disgusted

Of Do-It-Yourself Restraining Orders and Immortal Powers of Evil: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

After a perfectly delicious evening, Iorhael and I were awoken by the smial guardian's alarm to find that Melkor had invaded Back End and transported Uncle Senie and Tiger to Primrose's bed for his own sophomoric amusement.

We all then gathered in the kitchen for safety's sake, and Tobey, and later, Halfast, joined us. Then who should appear in our midst uninvited, but Melkor's young offspring, Damien. Having had enough of this, I tried something I had learned from Iorhael--I rifted Damien into my first attempt at Musedom, a small Pocket Realm.

With The Toddler of Doom secured thusly, we now have a bargaining chip with which to approach Melkor that won't involve our being coerced into unsavory work we do not wish to undertake or other hardened conditions. And now I have a letter to write:

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There. Sent. Now to see how everyone else is faring and await a reply.
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