September 1st, 2003


Tea of Doom: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Trying to relieve the stress of waiting for Melkor's answer and the strain of maintaining our Musish projects, Iorhael and I took a day to ourselves to relax and delight in each other's company. And we accomplished just that, until after dinner. As I was reading Damien a bedtime story while Iorhael did the dishes, I heard a knock on the door, got up to answer it, and received Melkor's reply. But no sooner had I closed the door, than a'maelamin collapsed and lost control of his Makings, affecting everyone in Back End, apparently. He and I struggled as I contended against his power before collapsing.

I did not regain consciousness until well into the following day, after Iorhael had met with the others. We talked about what happened. And I penned my reply to Melkor.

And now we are awaiting Melkor's arrival. So splitting headache or no, I have tea to prepare.
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    Ralph Stanley - Man of Constant Sorrow