January 10th, 2004

aroused, steaming, pissed

The Weight: Bingo-Bolger Baggins

As petals of light start to unfold in the morning sky, Bingo, still lost in brooding thoughts, disentangles himself from his sleeping lover, dresses, and quietly starts to prepare breakfast. He goes over to where Iorhael hid the hearth poker, picks it up as if it were a venomous lizard's tail, wraps it in wash rags, and seals it in a sack he places by the door. Glancing over at his lover's peaceful sleep, he smiles softly, then turns to finish preparing the meal. He sets it on a tray and brings it over to the bed.

Finding Iorhael still asleep, exhausted from the weight of what poured forth last night, Bingo sits in the chair beside the bed and picks absently at the food, his thoughts still traveling back to what befell his lover. Anger bubbles at the edges of his flesh, only held in check by his prior need to tend to the one he loves before all else. He glances with affection at the beloved face again, serene in sleep, and contemplates the short trip he will take today, and another if time will allow.

Bingo sets aside the tray, rises, and softly kisses Iorhael's brow.
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