April 9th, 2004

proud, determined

"If you will pleasure have therein": Bingo Bolger-Baggins

I certainly have had enough of worrying about what could go wrong and what measures we need to take for all to go smoothly. If I do not take some time to play with this ability of mine, then much of it will be for naught anyway. Play. Just play. I do not have to be anywhere today or attend to anything, so it is a good time to experiment. That is all it is. It does not have to be a thing of dire consequences. I know well enough now how to stop before I have fully spent myself. And if what I try to make today does not work, I suppose I will just try again another day. Simple really.

Now to step out of this world, like so. My space. So first, I see it in my mind. Now if I could just extract . . . the lay of the land . . . and the water and some of the foliage . . . not all of it . . . there. Well, I could not resist putting some flowers in. Heh. That is just how I remember it. Umbar at it's loveliest. And there, there now, those mossy banks so soft to lay upon, like a velvet blanket upon the rocks.

*sits for a while surveying this green bowl of his mind's making, smiling*

And that is enough for today. I will add more touches another time, but now I am weary. So now home, to the Pantry Smial, where I will take a good long nap. And Iorhael will be so proud that I did not overdo this time.
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