May 23rd, 2004

bingo bear

Enter the Koala: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Bingo continued on his way up Bagshot Row carrying his little sack of explosives. He ambled around Bag-end admiring all the pretty flowers decorating the old smial in riotous colors and went down the path leading into the backyard and on to Back End. He came to the shed sheltering the door of the Pantry Smial and looked up at the tall sunflowers. Then he went over to a ditch and laid down his little sack of explosives.

Bingo thought about how pretty the big explosion would be and how proud the Great Bear would be of him. But he knew there was someone else he wished could see him and be proud. It wasn't the nice short person he had just spent time with, though he would hope she would admire it also, but someone else he just couldn't remember. Well, this was no time to be all sad about what he couldn't remember. He took out his little book of matches. So intent he was on what he was doing that he did not notice the great big troll on the path along Bag-end peering at him and coming closer.
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    millions of little cicadas cheering him on