August 23rd, 2004

amin mela lle, pretty, iorhaelamin

Becoming Accustomed: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Things have been fairly quiet around here, which has been good for me since I'm still learning what is new around here and what isn't. In the new department is the return of my brother and Samwise, and it's a good thing I know that I'm missing two years of memory or I'd wonder if they were the same hobbits. But then I had that same thought when I first returned to the Shire 2 1/2 years ago and found them so . . . different.

In the old department, we have Lobelia's living in Bag End, apparently, which has just come to an end, and I can't say anyone, myself included, feels too sorry about it because, despite her actually doing some very fine things as mayor, as I understand it, she is so unpleasant to everyone it didn't take me a week of gathering new memories to see that.

And we also have Uncle Sennie, Melba, Folly, Iorhael, Tiger, and Celly in the old department as my smialmates. Though it is new to me now that Uncle Sennie, Melba, and Folly have returned to the Shire. And Iorhael, Tiger, and Celly are completely new acquaintances to me. Oh, and Bagshot. But Ivy, I've learned is new here. And of course, there's Merry here now who is old to me, but new as a smialmate. Though frankly, I haven't seen some of these hobbits for near a week now. It's quite odd, that. Apparently, Melba and Celly are an item, and Uncle Sennie and Tiger. I wonder if Iorhael and Ivy are too?

And there's nothing new in Grandmum looking out for me. I know I would have been devastated by Gandalf and Bilbo's rejection if she didn't take me under her wing back then like she did. I wonder if either of them is about nowadays? I wonder who else I am going to run into who knows me, though I can't remember them. I wonder if among them is the reason I chose to walk the Blue Fire? But no dwelling on that! I need to start planning a little expedition to the Misty Mountain Office. I wonder who I can get to come with me?
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