September 19th, 2004

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One if By Land: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Things have had there little ups and downs in our little corner of Middle-earth and I've been resting quite a bit. There haven't been any more sightings of the LMTI, so I'm not too worried that Lobelia hasn't gotten on top of this issue yet. I've gotten through what paperwork I could for DOMEACE, and a good thing it was that I left a letter with instructions for myself before I walked the Blue Fire, but I won't be able to do much more without getting out to the office and viewing the records there. So I hope to make our departure sometime later this week.

The matter with Folly . . . I just do not know. He really doesn't act like there is anything more between us than there ever was. But Iorhael . . . made a scrumptious breakfast for all of us out on the Party Field the other day. Too bad about all that dinner ware though. But it still was a lovely gesture for welcoming my brother and Samwise back home to Hobbiton. Iorhael is . . . just very, very nice. I am sure that is all it is. Yes. That is all.

And all is well among our two smials, excepting for Merry's . . . problem. That was a bit frightening, really. The interesting thing is that it is Smeagol, who you would think would be the problem, but who has been the most helpful and considerate of housemates. Tiger seems to be a bit preoccupied with professional matters of late, and well I understand that.

And poor Uncle Sennie! I can see that he is feeling landlocked. And for some odd reason, I feel that way as well today, which is highly unusual. I would love to venture out onto the pond wearing a cheery hat. Avast! Isn't that rather strange? It wouldn't be wise to risk it though; perhaps we could venture out on the Brandywine? We do have a number of Brandybucks among us. How I would love to be on a ship! What an odd mood I'm in!
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