February 20th, 2005

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Hobbit Interrupted: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Well, this is quite a contrast, isn't it? *pulls his cloak tight about him* It's cold and dreary out here, more so because it was so warm . . . and deliciously inviting in there . . . and was starting to become much warmer still, if we were not interrupted. *sighs*

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And what of this Cele . . . ba . . . Celebrimbor? What does he wish to confide in me? Something that would just entangle me in the twisted paths the Noldor tread no doubt! *puffs and shakes his head*

Still, I'm prejudging again--not that my experience doesn't warrant caution--yet this Noldor just doesn't seem to be one bearing a cloud behind him, but quite the opposite, if I were just to follow my perceptions . . . and not my memories of others so shrouded in blood. *closes his eyes*

*sighs* I am curious though about what he has to tell me. And though curiosity and an open hand can bring cruel doom, so do sword-guarded approaches and doors closed with suspicion. I'd rather walk openly then. And we'll see what Melba and Celly's impressions are when they return--I needn't rely on my own alone. It will take him some time to recover, I suppose.

So why do I have this feeling of foreboding? Bingo Bolger-Baggins, you simply think too much! And that won't do at all. *looks out into the woods, then turns to go back inside*
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