June 15th, 2005

touched, smile

After Dinner By the Fire: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

This spot was lovely before dinner when Uncle Sennie, Gary, and I were chatting, but now it feels so cozy here by the fire when your belly is full and dear friends are all around. And Plado is playing the most soothing music, that dear lad. It's no wonder I've been dozing. And I had the strangest dreams. In one, I was having a chat with Uncle Sennie, and I was quite formidable in it though I lacked scripting. And then I drifted into a gathering of Tooks. From there the dream took me to a gathering of silly muns dread beings, among them a frightful Noldor,of the House of Finwe no doubt. And then I was visiting with Merry and Pippin--funny, I haven't dreamed about them in the longest time. I wonder how they're doing?

I think Elanorelle and Uncle Sennie are about done with the dishes--I do wonder how that is progressing? No, not the dish washing! The little chat they were to have for which the dish doing is just a pretext. May there always be such handy pretexts, I say, for the rest of us to always get out of a bit of work. Heh! And Melba and Celly are now back from their walk about the yard.

It's gotten dark a bit early; I do think 'twas storm clouds I saw gathering after dinner. And I do believe those are rain drops I'm hearing on the roof. It's a cozy evening to be inside with my lovely hobbits, I suppose, and we just might be the envy of all poor benighted travelers wending their way beyond these cottage walls tonight. May they find safe passage and just such a cottage as this at the end of their weary paths.
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