August 6th, 2005


A Festive Occasion Among Friends and Others: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

So Elanorelle and I brought the first course out while being regaled with an accounting by a very ebullient Celly of her time with Feanor in the smithy--it's quite nice to see her so bubbly. We hobbits were just about to toast and start in on our own when Feanor joined us, shortly followed by his grandson Celebrimbor, who I haven't even gotten a chance to greet yet, I'm sorry to say. I see he's having a nice chat with Elanorelle and Folly. I do wish Grandmum were here as Feanor said he would like to meet her.

Anyway, I had gotten up to chop some more salad, and it's a good thing too, I suppose, because we have just been joined by yet another guest, Feanor's son Curufin, who Melba is attending to, and ah, good! There's Uncle Sennie, finally.

I'm sorry, Curufin, I just got distracted looking at this lovely arrangement. And then I had to help fetch in the second course. I am Bingo, Bingo Bolger-Baggins--Bingie is just what close friends sometimes call me. You said you are a Warrior Princess? have many skills, this being quite a fine one. You asked something else.

But one moment, does anyone need more wine?
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