January 15th, 2006

resolute, burdened

Winter Market: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

So it's been a rather quiet winter and we've been doing quiet winter activities here at Back End. We've played some games, decorated for the season, discussed tales, dappled at portraiture, and looked through catalogues in lieu of going out to market. I visited with f_baggins where we had a nice chat about proper etiquette.

*sits up straight* I could have sworn . . . someone called my name Stella.

*blinks* How odd. Somewhere . . . somehow . . . someone horny is thinking about me.

*shakes his head solemnly* In my experience, though, that isn't always a good thing. Alas that this be so.

*puts down his journal, gets up and puts on his cloak then goes out to the foyer and opens the door, calls* I'm ready! *steps outside and waits for Elly*
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