March 25th, 2007

sad smile, fondly

Today Rings a (B)Ell: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

No, I have not forgotten. Yes, yes, of course, it's that day, I suppose, but it's also this day.

So, I baked this, and these were just her, so I got a bouquet of them, and these for nostalgia value. These just seemed to be her, so then I got this to go with them--it has her off-kilter style and those colors suit her, I think. Oh, and in mind of her desire to expand her horizons, I thought she'd enjoy a subscription to Cosmo Ent and the wonderful world of Entish fashion. I hope she'll like these, or at least something among them.

Now if only Elanorelle would come home. I do miss her so.

And it has been so awfully quiet about here. Everyone has been so humdrum of late.
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