June 21st, 2009

I wish I could quit you, Brokeback Mount Doom Bingo

Yes, Sam, We Are . . .

Our current WIP, March of the Mumakling, will continue as soon as real life stops getting woefully in the way for my writer, though she did manage to catch the One Man LotR Show last night for a good refresher. Yet we plastic hobbits also have real lives that get in the way sometimes. I have to say, this was a good getting in the way, as Sam and I enjoyed a beautiful sunny day, which has been quite rare in these parts lately, and attended the Washington, DC LGBTIQ Pride Festival last weekend. I'll just let you guess how many of those letters apply to us. We did do our best to put the H into Pride day.

Sam: Do you want to stop and sign the petition at that next table, Bingo, my dear?

Bingo: No, I'm all petitioned out, I'm afraid. Don't tire yourself out carrying that Pride banner, Sam dear. Do put it down when you get weary.

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