August 31st, 2009

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Reading LotR Aloud: Excerpt From Chapter 11 Continued: A Knife in the Dark

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“Visited for a while. Silent on the hill top near at southern edge. In that lonely place, Frodo for the first time before he realised his homelessness and his danger. He wished betterly(?) that his fortune had left him in the quiet and beloved Shire. He stared down at the hateful road, leading back westward to his home. Suddenly he was aware of the 2 black specks were moving slowly along get going westward and looking again, he saw the 3 others are creeping eastward to meet them. He gave a cry and clutched Stryder's(?) arm. Look he said pointing downwards. At once Stryder(?) flung himself on the ground behind the room circle pulling Frodo down beside him. Murray threw himself alongside. What is it? He was curt. I do not know but I fear the worst, answered Stryder(?). Slowly they crawled up to edge of the ring again and peer through a cleft between 2 jagged stones. The light was no longer bright for the queer morning had faded and clouds creeping out of the east and now overtaken the sun as it began to go down. Taking off few black specks but neither Frodo nor Murray can make out their face. For certain it's something ___ there far below, the black riders assembling on a road beyond the foot of the hill. Yes said Stryder(?). His keener sight left him no doubt the enemy is here. Easterly they crept away and slipped down the north side of the hill to find the companion.”

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