September 22nd, 2012

about to kiss, so loved

Out of the Box: A Baggins Birthday Mathom for lbilover

Baggins Birthday Mathom Exchange

This mathom is a picfic for lbilover, who knows the problem of which Bingo speaks, as do many others who share their homes with hobbit dolls.

Title: Out of the Box
Pairing: Bingo/Sam
Rating: PGish--suggestive
Warning: Doll and character meta alert
Disclaimer: I'm borrowing Tolkien's characters. I'm not sure if he'd want them back after I'm done with them, but they're his'ns if his estate wants them.

SAM: I reckon it couldn't be finer weather for taking a walk on your birthday, Bingo-love.

BINGO: Yes, dearest. it is lovely. I'm glad you dragged me away form my writing. I was getting a bit bogged down and it is a perfect day for strolling around Greenbelt Lake.

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