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Home at Last: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Bingo opens the door to the Pantry Smial quietly so as not to wake his weary lover from his sleep. After putting down his things and taking off his riding clothes, he sits down at the desk to write a little before bed:

Back from Gamgee Hall. I had the unexpected good company of Elanorelle on the way out and we, well, more me this time, shared our worries . . . and fears. Though Merry seemed to be out and I missed running into Erchi on the road, which all is probably just as well right now, I did have the pleasure of speaking with Elphir and learned a little more of the tangled web that comprises the Dol Amrothian royal family. Those poor lads! I looked in on Little B, who is still not waking and it is very, very troublesome indeed. And other things . . . I should sleep. But I cannot.

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