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Gathering Supplies and Gift Giving: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

I suppose I haven't been keeping up with my journal as regularly lately. Besides my usual chores and it being time to send out the funding-raising letters for DOMEACE once again, I've been caught up with planning the quest trip Iorhael and I are going to take in less than two weeks now. I've booked us a Silverlode Swan Boat Tour and found a reasonable price for canoe rentals at Anduin White Water Rafting and Canoe Tours Company.

Planning how to pack is difficult because some nights we'll be staying at inns and other nights we'll be camping. I do so look forward to sleeping under the stars with my beloved. I found a very nice lantern for those nights and the all important Elven product for when we get into those tough spots.

And while I've been hunting for supplies I picked up a few gifts that caught my eye. Erchi's been having such a rough time of it, I thought it might amuse him if I sent him, per our last good conversation, a reminder that letting himself be "found" is not such a bad idea with a ball of this. And I thought of him when I saw this, so I got it for him and sent it as well. I also sent this brooch for Merry, hoping he might take it as a peace offering, and that I think of him in other contexts than the ones we were arguing over.

And of course everything beautiful, shining, and finely wrought reminds me of my Iorhael, so I bought him this clasp for his cloak, and this little keepsake to keep small items of importance in. I'll just leave them on his pillow. And in the West Farthing Antiquary Shop, I found a lovely book of Sindarin verses I hope he'll enjoy.

I didn't find anything quite right for Elanor when I went shopping with Angelica yesterday. And what indeed to get Frodo and Samwise, now that they are back? I must say, I am enjoying having that dilemma to ponder.

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