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A Lovely Time of Year for a Vacation: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

We had a lovely dinner here at the Pantry Smial the other night. Elanor, Frodo and Samwise joined Iorhael and I for a fine evening. Then the next day I ran into Frodo and Samwise and we had a pleasant enough conversation. My beloved joined us and brought up some more interesting topics. Frodo and I bonded, as brothers do when they're close. A topic one of Frodo's friends brought up reminded me of something I ought to consider in preparing for our vacation next week. And Samwise and I got a chance to chit-chat a little. I'm glad we had the chance to spend some quality time, as today was the last day of Frodo and Samwise's visit.

My beloved and I hashed out some more of our vacation plans a couple of days ago. Last night my beloved and I sat out under the stars for a little while, though he ran into an old acquaintance of his which cut short our little romantic interlude, but everyone needs to catch up with old acquaintances now and then, I suppose. Funny, I never did get to sleep last night, but I'm not in the least bit tired.

Hmmm, I haven't made reservations for our stay in Rivendell yet. That would be quite an oversight, as there still is really no decent bed&breakfasts between Amon Sul and the Bruinen still, so I'd best arrange those before I meet Elanorelle for lunch.

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