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I leave it on your pillow, my beloved: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Amin lirilla ta no'lle quesset, a'maelamin:

Lirit ten'a'Iorhaelamin

Lle aman giliath man Arvandoro alkar me'a,
Ar' ie' lle aglar tyarye lye eleer hantye
Am' ilna rutha manka amin no'arda nuin
Mela elea man bela e'amin ner naur.

Amin weera sina vanima onta irma,
Lle sila, ar' ner liquis me'a no'lye onar,
Am' elea no'arda ner urna onta
E'a amin melo fea, ho ona sinta.

Liquis, tiri, ar'rilma vee'lle naa, naa sina
Me'a en'amin alasse', tanka voronwe ar'il beluvye
Ho me'a tuulo'amin, ar'il amin karna n'ataya ho mela,
Nan'sal' ala vee'telmello en'ilya amin almare.

Ho elea ala coia a'amin mela-glaka eleer
Amin mela valina ten'e'ho, mela keaa.

Amin mela lle, Iorhaelamin,

A Poem For My Frodo

You blessed stars which do heavens glory show,
And at your brightness make our eyes admire
Yet envy not though I on earth below
Enjoy a sight which moves in me more fire.

I do confess such beauty breeds desire,
You shine, and clearest light on us bestow,
Yet doth a sight on earth more warmth inspire
Into my loving soul, his grace to know.

Clear, bright, and shining as you are, is this
Light of my joy, fixed steadfast nor will move
His light from me, nor I change from his love,
But still increase as the height of all my bliss.

His sight gives life unto my love-ruled eyes
My love content because in his, love lies.

Sonnet 41. Westron translation by Lady Mary Wroth 1621,

I love you, my Frodo,
Your Bingo

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