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ARRIVAL IN BUCKLAND: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Despite the snow, and my incessant pleas that we stay abed, we set off on our "vacation" a couple hours later than we planned, but mostly on schedule. Though I felt some trepidation about the sudden change of weather just when we were set to leave, Iorhael was much less thrown by the unexpected, and helped me appreciate the beauty of the soft, white drop-cloth across the landscape, despite the bitter cold. I spotted a fox, that stood out like a flame against the crystalline blanket, and I could have sworn it said, "You'd think this weather would deter the fucking tourists, but nooooooo!" as we passed, though it was probably just the wind sweeping through the trees.

We set up camp off of the road and kept mostly warm, and blessedly dry, snuggled in our thermal double sleeping bag in our two-hobbit tent. The second day was a little easier going as the snow had stopped, and although it was a fairly thick cover, there was some sun during the day to melt it. We reached the little glade near the village of Woodhall by evening. The spot was unmistakable, as it was marked with a large plaque saying the "Gildor Inglorion Memorial Rest Stop." There were even little plaques on each of the tree stump stools for Frodo, Pippin, and Samwise. It figures there'd be none for me, Odo, and Frodo Took, but our little scouting expedition was inconsequential, I suppose. The important thing is that we've made the trip thus far without incident whatsoever; quite a relief really.

Today we continued on to Buckland, cutting across Farmer Maggot's land without any trouble. The Crickhollow Historic Bed&Breakfast was booked solid with vacationers on Fellowhship Tours, so we're spending the night at the rebuilt Brandy Hall, where I lived when I was a small hobbitling. Which is where we've just arrived. It seems a bit empty now compared to what I remember. In any event, I am quite happy to have a roof over our heads after two night's of wintry camping. And a glorious warm bath awaits my beloved and me, much to our utter delight and pure satisfaction. Ah, the simple pleasures mean the most!

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