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Fine Dining on the Barrow-Downs: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

I reckon we may go a good deal further and see naught better, nor queerer.-"Fog on the Barrow-downs," FOTR (( these quotes are just too good not to include.(-; ))

Tonight is our last night at the House of Bombadil, alas. Tomorrow it's on to Bree for us. I got up this morning while my Iorhael was still asleep to write thank you letters to Luthien, Erchi, and Elanor. Then we had a lovely breakfast of berries, bread, and honey and butter; all the top quality produce you'd expect at Bombadil's.

After breakfast, we set out due north with our ponies and arrived at tea time at The Haunted Barrow. We sat in the barrow-wight severed-hand chairs in the waiting room, and I tell you the food, not to mention the decor, is well worth the wait. Then we had drinks out on the terrace, where the band "The Witch-King and the Wights" was playing, and though it was custom for diners to dance about on the lawn naked, we declined.

My beloved and I arrived back at Bombadil's after dark, weary but content. All in all, a most enchanting day.

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