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Catching Up in Bree: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

My beloved and I arrived in Bree yesterday without incident. We have a lovely, snug, hobbit-sized room for two and are about to go down to dine, but while Iorhael was freshening up I was glancing through Sockpuppets Journal, when what should I see, but these slanderous pictures of dear Elanor and Erchi! Obviously they're totally falsified pictures because I know Elanor would tell me immediately if she ever even contemplated getting her hair permed like that! What a deadful choice that would be! The depths they would sink to. I will send her my sympathies on this matter pronto.

And its days like this one when I'm so glad I'm still a mover and shaker in the the Defense of Middle-Earth Against Capitalist Encroachment (DOMEACE). Having received word of Sharkey's latest plans to undermine the natural beauty of the Shire, I am sending a dispatch to our legal team at Grubb & Burrows so they can inform Samwise of the legal recourse we will have in support of his legislative measures. There's always King Elessar's old law of Hobbit Supremacy in the Shire to invoke as well.

Ah, my Iorhael has emerged and we're off to dine and see the Fellowship Week contests they'll have in the dining room. I'll write more when we return . . . .

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