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"The Fixed Foot": Bingo Bolger Baggins

I suppose I'll need to head back to the Shire in a couple of days and open up the Pantry Smial and go about the business of making it lived in again before my beloved returns. But this stay in Lindon has been a pleasant one, banishing my old fears.

And there's nothing that makes one focus on what's ahead rather than behind like tending to little ones, and that goes double when those little ones are like nothing Arda has seen before. I also had an interesting talk with someone not of this Arda, though it painfully reminds of the one in another realm beyond my reach who I miss most. And last night, I went out with Elanor, Merin, and Lily to lie beneath the night sky and watch stars fall into nothingness, beautiful indeed yet I am still getting the chill out of my bones.

I still have yet to tease Elanor about our new friend the Lord Glorfindel, whose interest in hobbit-kind she seems to have awoken quite single-handedly; I wonder where my dear maia friend is and how many pretty shades of red I can induce her to sport when we chat. And I wonder if I'll get a chance to visit with Folco and Daisy before I go? I do hope Merry is fairing well.

I do miss friends at home. I look forward to seeing Arathorn and Tobey, Grandmum Mirabella and the Tooks, Ms. Cotton, Shlomo, and I do wonder what Fatty is up to these days. Ah well, I'll be seeing them all soon enough, I suppose. As well as the one who holds my heart.

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