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"Like gold to airy thinness beat": Bingo Bolger-Baggins

And here I am, back in the Shire going east on the East-West Road . . . in Hobbiton . . . walking up Bagshot Row . . . up the steps to Bag End: one, two, three . . . along the garden path behind the hill . . . stepping into the garden shed and trying not to get a rake handle in the face . . . accomplished . . . opening the little back door . . . and into the Pantry Smial . . . lighting the sconce. There.

And oh . . . what a mess! Excess camping gear, clothing, and other supplies that at the last moment we decided we needn't take on the "vacation" are strewn about the place. And almost two months to the day's worth of dust is collecting on top of it all as well! Tomorrow is going to be quite the busy cleaning day I suppose.

I see Arathorn's lights are on up in the tree behind the shed, so good to know he is in. Though what time for visiting I'll have I have no idea, what with all the cleaning and cooking I'll need to do tomorrow before my beloved returns in two days. If . . . no, when. When Iorhael returns in two days. He will return in two days. He will. He must. Please. Please come home, melamin.

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