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HOMEWARD BOUND: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

The point of coming to Undertowers was to make sure dear Elanor was not alone at such a difficult time, not to overrun her with guests. And seeing that she has another adult about now to help her look after things, and Iorhael and I have really eaten enough of her food, it's time my beloved and I headed back to Hobbiton while she still has some little store of food left.

So I will say my goodbyes to sweet Merin and little Lily, Cousin Celandine, and my favourite Elf-flower for now.

Elanorelle, don't you be a stranger to Hobbiton. I owe you a feast or two now, you know.

Well, it's quite a ride down the East-West Road through Michel Delving and Waymoor, but a lovely day to meet the sun and pass her by along the way. I wonder if we'll run into anyone down the road?

A'maelamin, shall we?

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