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Waiting for the Council to Start: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Well, the council meeting has not even begun and already I'm exhausted. But as they say, the important work is always done in the hallways of state, never the stateroom. The most interesting bit of information I gleaned, oddly enough, was from Smaug. If there are two fell powers seeking dominance over the realm, then we may be able to create a little breathing room for everyone else--we shall see.

It was a bit odd talking to Samwise after the discussion my beloved and I had prior to the meeting. A'maelamin did much to set my heart at ease, yet after all that, who should come by to have a word with Iorhael's Writer but the one my beloved thought he'd never hear from again! I am trying my best not to worry.

Speaking of Iorhael's Writer, I met a friend of his who was quite charming. And once again I had a chat with my mun's friend the lovely Ms. Abandonada. She is such a fine judge of character that it just adds to the pleasure of speaking with her.

My poor Iorhael--so many are trying to have his ear before the council begins! It will be a wonder if we ever start the meeting proper, I suppose.

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