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"The Spring Between Us": Bingo Bolger-Baggins

The shore inched away to the edge of the horizon and crawled beyond it. And Bingo knew he would never see his beloved again for the one Iorhael waited for was with him beyond the horizon as he recounted what happened so long ago and he and he and he . . . .

Bingo woke up with a cough beneath the pile of blankets he wrapped around himself as soon as he got into bed after leaving the council, so long ago it seemed. Shivering. So cold.

So cold. And there's a'maelamin's journal on the night stand. I cried so when I first read what he went through. And how broken we both were when first we met. And hahaha . . . Muses . . . how that concept confused me so. And the invitation . . . .

And Bingo fell into an unquiet sleep . . . .

. . . and he pulled and pulled on the door of Bag End, but it wouldn't open and the beast grabbed him by the collar and lifted him into the air and he looked down and saw Iorhael standing there watching, just watching, and he got smaller and smaller and a flower floated through the air and became a flame . . .

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