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Cloud Breaking: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Yesterday, I woke just in time to see a letter appear on my writing desk--just appear out of nowhere! Just in time I woke, and that made all the difference. And I got up and I called and called for my beloved. And out of nowhere, he appeared. My Iorhael. For a little while, before he was called back to his realm, I held him again. We'll be alright. We will.

And I am so glad to have Elanorelle back home again. She's like a dear little sister to me and oh, how we can make each other cry and laugh with barely a pause.

There seems to be a little lull in the storm and I think I shall take a stroll down to Bywater and take a monorail ride. Out to Undertowers and see Elanor--her time is so close and I'm starting to worry--or Buckland to Aunt Asphodel's and Esmeralda's. Perhaps I'll stop by Grandmum's on my way back. I suppose it's not such a bad day afterall.

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