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Hepless to Help: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Here I am in Undertowers since it is finally Elanor's time. I've been pacing about here in the sitting room at Undertowers, listening to the sound of snoring guests, and still wincing when a cry comes from the bedroom. Dear Elanorelle's been at her labor for hours. She's long past the point of being distracted by silly conversation, and I'm not much good here for anything else.

So I just pace, and check in to see if Luthien, G-g, or Emeldir need me to get something. There's nothing else to do I suppose. How I wish my sweet Iorhael was here. Though I am grateful for the unexpected time I did get to spend with a'maelamin this week.

How much more of this can poor Elanorelle take?

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