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On Location in MESPT Arda: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

My dearest Iorhael,

How I envy this little piece of parchment that will find its way into your graceful hands while I languish here without your sweet presence! But sighing will not make your return any swifter so I will refrain and pleasantly imagine that I am actually speaking with you, vanima melindo, as I write this missive, and cherish the memory of our last meeting. I pray this letter finds you with your full health restored.

I received your most welcome letter yesterday and am glad to hear you have a sympathetic ear in Merry with whom you can share tears and I will seek out Erchi to tell him your news as soon as he arrives at Undertowers, so he knows that his love is in like company. I hope Chaos' impersonations of you do not bring you misfortune--do take care if anyone around you starts accusing you of actions that are not your own, my love. And I assure you, my brief fascination with the artistic potential of rice is past; do not trouble yourself with worry over me--I will bear this loneliness and longing because we shoulder it together, a'maelamin.

But I am getting out and about now, so you needn't fret about that, love. Elanor had her beautiful little girl last Sunday and there was quite a gathering here at Undertowers. Her elf, I am glad to report, returned from Valinor to be with her, and Luthien and Emeldir helped her through her labour. Not only were her sisters Primrose and Daisy on hand, but her brother Frodo came a week earlier to be there with her. Not one ship, but two, sailed from Valinor this week, for my brother and Samwise came as well to pay a visit to their new granddaughter. It's always so wonderful to be with family. All went smoothly, except for a little misunderstanding over baby gifts, and I do hope Elanor is not still cross with me.

I have many other happenings to report, but I best send this letter out with today's post and save that news for the next most lucky piece of parchment. Would that I could climb into this envelope and arrive in your arms! I miss you so, melamin!

With my heart securely in your hands,
I remain your loving


I'll just go post this, and then see who is up and about this morning. I wonder if Elanor is still cross with me?

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